Essential Tools

Essential Tools

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog; “Kiloshele-kkb”, this will hopefully be the first of many visits. I created this blog with the help and encouragement of a good friend of mine (SW), with the initial objective of sharing my experience as I embark on a physical and personal journey over the coming weeks.

This journey has been a few months in the planning, I fly out in a few days but there are still a thousand and one things I need to do. Those who have read my article “Where is home” will probably understand why I am making this journey. For those who haven’t read it, I will enlighten you over the next few weeks. Basically, there is a longing to belong and feel accepted by/in my country of birth.

During the journey I hope to discover a number of things about myself and my homeland. In addition, I aim to challenge myself in a ‘foreign environment’, get inspiration for my new book, carry out research for my documentary, have some adventure, study, catch up with old friends and hopefully make new ones, …….the list is endless.  I hope I can get it all done!

For me, Nigeria is the most unique country in the world; it is `probably` the only country where:

  • Everyone wears a watch but nobody can ever keep to time
  • A place of abundant opportunities where the belief that a man or woman can wake up a pauper and go to bed a millionaire reigns supreme.
  • Despite the hardships faced by the majority, its citizens are sustained with the belief/hope/promise of a better tomorrow.


It is a writer’s paradise. No two days are ever the same so I plan to share some of my experiences with you while I am there. I will write about the good, the bad and the ugly.


The things I am looking forward to the most on this journey is spending some quality time with my pops and celebrating my 1st odun ile ya (http://to.ly/p7qL) in 22 years at home. Can’t wait!! I am not looking forward to the mosquito’s though. As a result of my last encounter with those minuscule bloodsuckers, I was out of action for about three to four weeks. I am better prepared this time round. (Pic above).


A big thank you to my boss (LH) for giving me so much time off work, truly appreciated.  I will only be ‘home’ for a relatively short time.  I seriously considered staying a lot longer but upon completing the financial plan for this jaunt, the likelihood of returning to London to drink gari and epa/peanuts (http://to.ly/p74u) during the winter months put a swift halt to that prospect.


I endeavour to post a new story every day or two about what’s been happening and start each post with “Kilonshele” in a different language or slang.  I hope my journey will be fruitful and enjoyable, we shall soon find out.



Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


Life is about the journey, not the destination- let the journey begin!!!!!!!!


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