Major Discomfort

It has been an “uncomfortable” two days. My body has been acclimatising to the different environment over the past couple of days. Without going into too much detail, I have used about five rolls of toilet paper in the past two days. My friend Titi gave some cold pap to drink this morning which seems to have solved the problem. It is my last day in Ibadan and one of the most significant things I have realized that Nigeria is an expensive place to live. (is prices in other parts of the country are in line with costs in Ibadan.    Fuel is probably the highest expense this week, food prices are just ridiculous. It makes me appreciate the grit and determination of the citizens of this nation a lot more.

I went to a couple of parties on Saturday; one was a wedding and the other a kid’s birthday party. The wedding was hugely impressive, when Nigerians do things big they do it big. I was most impressed that the wedding started on time, it confirmed my belief that with proper planning and execution, things can be done on time. On that point, I was very late for the second party due to circumstances beyond my control.

I am now in Lagos where I will be working for the next weeks before returning to Ibadan for Eid Kabir. Apologies if this post hasn’t been as entertaining as the previous one, I am currently suffering from writing fatigue.  Writing this blog has been more challenging than I expected, I will continue to endeavor to update on a daily but I may need to spread it out a bit. I have not had  a chance to work on my book am a little afraid of burning  out.

I start work at Zmirage tomorrow, wish me luck.

Till tomorrow…..hopefully-KKB out

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