1st day at Work……Zmirage Ltd


Abe everybody. Hope you all been well. Started work at Zmirage Ltd today.  The day was a stark contrast to my usual Monday in London.

Last night was a little rough; I had pounded yam and egusi for dinner. I have not eaten this since my last trip to Nigeria in January and I was really looking forward to it. I ate the food gluttony and I paid the price, my stomach which had not used to handling such heavy foods for a while could not handle it. Instead of preparing for my 1st day at Zmirage, I lay on the bed like a woman about to give birth at any moment. It became so difficult to move that I was forced to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians rather than retrieve the remote control from the table a few meters away. Trust me, watching that show didn’t hurt as much as my stomach.

I woke up around 6am and got ready for work. At 7:30 I went to hotel restaurant to eat breakfast (fresh fruit salad, picked this morning). I had breakfast with my Uncle TJ who schooled me on how to do business effectively in Nigeria or anywhere else for that matter. The company car came to pick me from the hotel around 10am, as we drove towards work I couldn’t help to wonder at the contrast between my Mondays in London and Lagos. In London, I would hustle to get on already packed Northern line train from Euston to London Bridge, stand all the  and probably have stale croissants for breakfast. Isn’t life wonderful!!!!   The only thing I missed was the view of the River Thames from my desk back in London (And my colleagues of course).

My first day  as a consultant went well, I was a little nervous initially but I have settled down.  I asked a colleague Hanifat a thousand and 1 questions and she patiently answered each. I am fearful of coming across as trying to implement my superior working methods and culture in this environment.

Just returned to the hotel….. it is 10pm I exhausted!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Nigerian Independence day, I am escorting Uncle TJ to Abeokuta.  Till tomorrow…. KKB out.

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