Are we fighting………?

School children march

School children march

Army march

Army march

Namaste all, to all my Nigerian followers, Happy Independence Day.

My Uncle TJ and I started off for our trip to Abeokuta from Lagos around 8am this morning.  Last night when I asked my uncle what we were going to do in Abeokuta, he said we were just going hang out with the boys!

The journey was enlightening. My uncle is a very philosophical individual, he dropped some knowledge on me, some deep stuff that I am still trying to decipher it as I am writing this post. The one I did fully understand was the proverb “Aiye loga, orun ni ile” (Life is the market, heaven is home), there was another one about all Swans being white which I didn’t understand. He told me a few jokes about Nigeria but the funniest one was:

“Nigeria is the only country where you count your money after withdrawing it from the ATM/Cash Machine to ensure you haven’t been cheated”.

We arrived in Abeokuta at around 10am and made our way to the M K O Abiola stadium to join the Independence Day celebration. There was a military parade, then some marching by school children from primary schools in Abeokuta, then some more marching from some secondary schools, then the boys scouts marched, the girls brigade marched, the young butchers of Abeokuta marched, the mechanic union of Abeokuta marched…………I think you get it by now. There was a lot of marching!!!!!! I watched the marches by approximately 150 different groups which lasted approximately 90 mins.    After the celebration, we joined the Governor of Ogun State’s   motorcade back to the Governors  residence to have lunch with Governor Ibikunle Amosun and some specially invited dignitaries. (The Senators entourage and my entourage back in Ibadan are like an Elephant and an ant on seesaw).   I had the great pleasure of meeting the honorable Alake of Egba-land.   After lunch, I was driven around my home town Abeokuta,  and had the opportunity to see the Kareem family home in Ibgore.  

Kareem Family House in Abeokuta

Kareem Family House in Abeokuta

I was dropped off at the hotel at around 4pm. After taking a quick rest, I decided to take a walk around the area. I walked past the swimming pool and considered taking a dip after my walk. As I walked towards the gate, a pretty young lady approached me and told me she liked my stature, physique and the way I carried my myself.  I am a gentleman so I will leave it there, but I decided   against the dip in the pool.  I didn’t want to disappoint the young lady by showing my actual physique- the asaro I had for lunch hadn’t digested yet if you catch my meaning.

After returning from my walk, I decided to have a cup of tea so I went to the hotel restaurant. I asked the attendant “can I have some tea please”.  “Tea?  she asked with a look and tone of astonishment. You want teaaaa?? “Yeah I want some tea, you know Lipton, Tetley”. I replied.  “I know what tea is sir”!!! From her reaction to my request, anyone would have thought I asked her to go and cultivate fresh tea leaves from India or China.  After drinking the tea which was served promptly and politely I must admit by a different attendant, I went to the original attendant and asked her how much my bill came to. She tore out a receipt, thrust it at me and said =N=500!!!!. Picking up the receipt,  I said “do I pay here or at reception”. You pay here!!!, she barked. With a smile I said in a Nigerian accent  “haaaaa, madame are we fighting, I haven’t been here before I am just asking”.  At this, she let out wide smile.  The ironic thing is, she had a beautiful smile that most people would kill for………….

We should return to Lagos tomorrow. Till tomorrow-KKB Out.

One thought on “Are we fighting………?

  1. Uncle tj is funny…counting d money from d atm lol
    I love d way u put across ur experience tod readers——-It makes one imagine been on ngr.. Moving with d big boys.———

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