Whatagwan people. Today has been interesting day. Noting really exciting happened per-se but it has been a reflective day. My uncle and I left Abeokuta at approximately 9am and as usual a journey with my Uncle is never dull, my way of thinking seems to develop abundantly every time I am with him.

The main objective of this trip is to assess my Quality Management implementation within the Nigeria, to be honest I am not on track with that at the moment. My schedule for working at Zmirage is way off balance, I didn’t get to the office till about 2pm and everybody was so busy I couldn’t do what I had scheduled but the day was not a waste. On our way to Lagos, we stopped off to greet Uncle TJ’s mum and I blessed with the opportunity to carry a baby that was approximately 14 hours old. I was in the presence of 4 generations. Grandmother must have been about 85 years old but she had the liveliness of a teenager.  Seeing Grandma and carrying the new baby filled me with so much energy I felt I could carry a mountain on my shoulder.

During the journey my Uncle said that I should be writing more than I am currently doing. I feel he is correct but I want to enjoy my writing and not turn it into a job. I write best when I am in “the Zone” but I have not been in “the zone” for a few months now. I shared a few ideas with him about putting my books in schools in Nigeria which he was totally supportive of. I wish I could write more than I am doing now, I have been working on my second book since November 2012 and I have not made dent. I have noticed over the past few months that I get truly excited about life when I talk about writing or creating something or working on my documentary. QA is a job but writing to be my life. This is where the crossroad comes in;  I don’t know if I will be able to dedicate sufficient energy to both but I gotta eat no??

What do I do, what do I do……..the more I find out about myself and make strides to define my place in life the more lost I feel.

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