Motor Boys of Lagos……..KKB salutes you.

First and foremost, my condolences to the families of the victims of the plane crash this morning. My prayers are with you all. Fayekemi, sorry for your loss, keep your head up.

Insido everybody (Efik, Calabar) If you remember my first blog, I said Nigeria was a writer’s paradise, well today proved the point.

When I woke up this morning, I wondered if I would write a post today. I didn’t think there would be anything to write about, all I was going to do was go to work and return to the hotel. My uncle was busy so I would not be receiving my daily dose of life lessons which I had become accustomed to.  My day in the office went smoother than yesterday, by 2pm I had decided that there would nothing for me to write about. I was sad that I would let down the legions of fans who were expecting their daily fix of stories. At 2.30pm I felt hungry, usually I would ask the office assistant to get me lunch but I decided I stretch my legs. I left the office and walked to a buka (informal restaurant) which was about half the size of a shipping container. The Alhaja invited me inside to take a seat. The only seat available was with two traffic enforcement officers (LASMAR) and a policeman carrying a Kalashnikov rifle. They were having a heated argument, from what I heard it was about sharing some money. I ate amala with awedu and washed it down with a bottle of super malt. I asked the Alhaja how much I owed after I ate, she said it came to =N=470. I gave her a =N=500 and I considered telling her to keep the change, and then I thought she probably owned a 6 bedroom mansion so I waited for my change.

As I walked back to the office, I heard someone shout “motor yen tin jo no ooooo”. I looked across the six lane highway and saw a minibus which had crashed into the guardrail and the undercarriage was on fire. In a flash I saw about 20 motor boys run across the six lane highway towards the burning vehicle and tried to get driver of the minibus out.   Within a spit second, everyone had a duty, two of them were directing traffic, another two where running back and forth across a busy highway to get water in an attempt to put out the fire which was getting bigger by the second and was bellowing thick black smoke. The scene was chaos, cars pressing their horns, speeding trailers slowing down at the last minute, traffic began to build up but these motor boys continued to put their life in danger in order to help this complete stranger.  They were fearless and daring. I was so upset that I did not have my camera with me.

What amazed me the most was when I looked to my right and saw two policemen and three traffic officers watching the whole thing unfold from a safe distance. I was amazed and disappointed simultaneously. The motor boys successfully put out the fire then a policeman walked to the scene and feebly began to direct traffic but the motor boys were the ones in charge.

The motorboys have a bad reputation for causing trouble and they are blamed for the traffic in Lagos because they park their danfos (commercial vehicles) anywhere to pick up passengers. On this day they did themselves proud in my eyes.  The irony of the situation was that the motor boys felt a sense duty while the official failed to perform their duty.

The desire to do good is in most of us, the ability to be bad is in all of us. Till tomorrow KKB out…….


One thought on “Motor Boys of Lagos……..KKB salutes you.

  1. Am impressed with the motors of lagos.. that’s what’s called team work..imagine the police officers hiding in a safe distance while the boys did all the work..Awon Ole (lazy buggers, i mean the police)

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