Life’s a beach………


涨. Today was my first day of relaxation since I arrived in Nigeria and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For some reason or another I didn’t get a full night’s sleep, I woke up around 3am and began to watch a movie ‘Scent of a Woman starring Al Pacino`. I woke up around nine, did some work, went to have breakfast and came back to my room to carry on working on my report.

My friend Gbolahan (G) discussed the plans for the day, we had arranged to go to a beach in Lekki so that I could go jet skiing.  He contacted a couple of his friends and we arranged to meet them on the way. The drive was smooth, no pot holes on the road, the streets were clean, and I could have easily believed I was driving on the streets of Miami.  As we approached a toll gate, I was impressed with how orderly things were. Drivers were waiting patiently for their turn to go through the barriers; nobody was pressing their horns or shouting.  (Pic 1) I said to Gbolahan, “so there can be order in this country”.  No sooner had I finished my statement did I see mini bus drive past us and try to force his way in front of the vehicle in front of ours. (Pic 2).  Within 10 seconds, three other vehicles were attempting to copy the mini bus; all I could do was shake my head.

pic 1

pic 1

pic 2

pic 2

We picked up G’s friends and made our way to the beach. The first beach we went wasn’t lively enough so the group decided to go to a livelier beach which was about 10 mins away. We paid the =N=1,000 entry fee and settled at table with a beach umbrella.  We ordered Suya and smoked fish.  I took a walk on the water, as I stood on the edge and looked into the distance I felt a total sense of peace and tranquillity that I haven’t felt for the past year or so. The see breeze was soothing and I felt I had floated into my own little space in the world.  Basically, I was a good day.

I should going to watch the Arsenal match tomorrow in between doing some more work. I am getting a little worried because I have because I have not had any inspiration for my book which was the main objectives of this trip.

Today marks the 1st year anniversary of the launch of Memoirs of a Young African. Thank you all for your support and compliments over the past year, it has opened a whole new avenue and perspectives on life for me. I aim to continue on this path although I don’t know where it will lead which makes it more exciting ………. Till tomorrow KKB out.

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