People you meet-Part 2…………………..

King Prawns

King Prawns

I apologize again for the late post, I was not inspired to write yesterday and I did not want to post any old rubbish but I woke up this morning in the zone so here it is. Yesterday was both difficult and satisfying. I got to work late because I was supposed to take public transport but changed my mind at the last minute.

One of the key objectives was to assess the potential of implementing Quality in SME’s in Nigeria, I have realised that it is going to be a much more challenging than I thought or ever imagined. There is a very totally different working culture here and the lack of infrastructure would make things difficult. I spent a day writing a report before finding out that half of what I wrote is redundant. I could not carry out the training I had planned because most of the staff were so busy. Exhausted, I left work and returned to the hotel at 4pm. My room was being cleaned so I went to get a drink at the hotel bar, I had a debate with the barman about my nationality. He tried to say that because I have lived in the UK for over half my life I am British. I emphatically told that although I have British citizen I am still Nigerian. I offered to take him to my family house in Igbore Abeokuta to prove that I am Nigerian. I gave another barman some advice about the realities of life in the UK.

An hour later my uncle invited me to dinner by the pool side with him and a couple of his friends. My uncle’s friends were the most interesting dinner companions I have had in a while. They were both successful business men, one of them in particular inspired me and I inspired him. He is an internationally renowned emergency doctor from South Africa who has traveled the world and treated victims of major disasters. He told me a few stories which made my jaw drop. I talked about my book and they were both very impressed with what I had accomplished and they eagerly wanted a copy. I told about the journey I took while writing the book, the ups and downs and a new project I am initiating which is to donate my book to schools in Nigeria. I also discussed the concept for my documentary which they found very very interesting. One of the traits I have always admired about my mother and my uncle TJ is their ability to draw and relate to people at all levels and all walks of life. The night before, my friend Titi had said that my mother, I and my siblings had the ability to draw people to us seamlessly especially my little sister Karimot. Speaking to these gentlemen confirmed that I did have this ability, these gentlemen had travelled the world, they were heavyweights in the fields and I am sure they rolled with big boys (if you get my meaning) yet I was still able to engage with them effortlessly and keep their attention without breaking a sweat. I did not stutter once and I did not have to repeat myself because I was speaking too fast, I spoke with confidence which made my words come out clearly and eloquently. I wonder why I don’t speak like that all the time; I believe that self-confidence is the key. They shared stories about life in South Africa and while discussing literature it was like talking to one of my boys about football, effortless. I was amazed about how much I inspired the doctor, I mean he is a World Renowned doctor with awards and life experiences I could only dream of but meeting me gave him the encouragement to do what he was wanted to do for year- write a book. He said he had been keeping notes about his experiences as an emergency doctor and treating patients all over the world but he had not started writing his book because he was unsure about how to structure his stories. I advised him “just start writing, don’t worry about the structure, it will sort itself out, just write, trust me when you start writing you won’t stop”. The look of appreciation and admiration on his face is not something I will forget in a long time, he looked at me like I had given him a new lease of life. The feeling of inspiring somebody is priceless, and I hope to continue on the path I have found myself.

One of the discussions which caused me to reflect the most was when they found out my age. When I initially told them about my book they were astonished at what I had accomplished at such a young again. The doctor asked if I was married, before I could answer his companion said “leave him alone, he is still a young man, let him enjoy himself, do you think everyone is like you”. Uncle TJ joined the conversation “young?, he’s not a young man anymore; by the time I was his age I had three girls”. The doctor then asked me how old I was, “I am going to be 33” I said. The silence was stunning; all I could hear was the clearing of throats and an attempt to hide the surprised looks on their faces. “OK! Wow! I thought you were about 25 or 26. Don’t worry you got time”. One of them said. They now gave me some advice about relationship and finding a wife. We talked more about the potential Africa has and why we are not as developed as we should be. For dinner, I had King Prawns, when I say King Prawns I mean KING PRAWNS, not those tiny things you buy at the supermarket in the UK, judge for yourself in picture above.

Following my “Crossroads” post i think am beginning to find my path……. all i need now is how to make a living following my dream. Till tomorrow……………….KKB out

5 thoughts on “People you meet-Part 2…………………..

  1. This is fantastic thanks for the confidence u have in your uncle TJ and myself. U never cease to amaze me with your stories. I have no doubt this is just the beginning of a successful future. INSHA ALLAH

  2. Confidence is an important ingeredient in putting your point across .
    I admire your courage for testing the waters, you never know what you will find. I pray it is something good.

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