One chance buses………….

Waa blo people. Hope you all been well. Thank you for your support and following my blog. I hope I can continue to entertain you all.

I am starting to feel like I am settling into my new environment. I woke up early on Wednesday and decided I would take public transport to work by myself. As I handed my room key in at the reception, I asked the receptionist how I could get to Maryland. She kindly gave me the direction, I said thank you and asked her to tell my mother I loved her if I was never seen again.

I walked to the bus stop and there was only one taxi waiting, from the passenger side I asked the driver if he was going to Maryland, without looking up he said “Leventis, Leventis”. Okay, are you going through Maryland” I asked. I suddenly felt somebody push me out of the way by my shoulders, I turned round to see a little old woman push past me while saying “he is going to Leventis, are you deaf”. I was stunned and I just stood and watched as she got into the front seat with her load.    I got into another taxi with for other people, during the short 10 minute journey I gave the drive =N=200. I was the last passenger to get off, when we got to my stop the driver didn’t look like he was making any attempt to get my change. Where’s my change, I asked in an aggressive tone. “How much did you give me”? “I gave you 200, you owe me =N=150”. He ruffled through his glove compartment and gave me my change somewhat reluctantly.

I needed to take a commercial bus to Anthony bus stop, this was where I had to have my wits about me. My uncle had warned me against taking buses knick named “one chance buses”. These were buses which would contain three or four people pretending to be waiting to pick up passengers. They would actually be waiting for unsuspecting people to enter the bus at which point they would shut the door and speed off. They would rob the person and abandon in a deserted spot. I heard a conductor shouting Ikorodu, Ikorodu which was the direction I was going, but there were only three males on there, with my Uncle’s advice ringing in my ears I ignored them and waited for a bus which was full on arrival and entered.  As we got near my bus stop, I told the conductor, “Antony wa ooo”. I got off the bus and made by way to the office.

My colleagues were equally surprised and proud that I made my way to work by myself. I took the commercial buses a couple more times in during the day to attend a meeting with my colleague Abeeb, it was an interesting and exhausting day. Till tomorrow…………….KKB out

2 thoughts on “One chance buses………….

  1. Nice one bro, men you take chances sha o r buses, well done. I love the bit when you said to the receptionist to tell mum you love her just in case you are never seen again. God forbid. Funny …..

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