Amala with gbegiri and ewudu soup…………………….

Banjour All. I have just returned from the airport after picking my mother and my aunty Sheri who arrived from NYC.  It was a lovely reunion but I am exhausted and I still have not finished my final report for Zmirage.

Everyone who knows my mum knows she is warm, friendly, humorous and very very very sarcastic. I haven’t seen her for a couple of week and I was really happy to see her. Within an hour of her arrival her sarcastic nature came out in full force. I asked her “ki ni ago wi” (what is the time). With her usual sharp wit she replied “oni ko lo ra ti e” (my watch says go and buy you own). That was when I knew we were back to where we left off in London.

Yesterday was a slow day; I worked at the hotel on the report which I can’t seem to finish. I met a couple of friends for lunch at the local buka where I ate amala with gbegiri and ewudu soup (Nigerian don’t know how lucky they are having a buka on every corner). After lunch I made my way back to the hotel, I need to cross the road so I decided to cross at the zebra cross. I waited for cars to stop which they didn’t, in-fact they were speeding.   Traffic built up which caused the cars in the first two lanes to “slow down” I began to cross, as I got to the 3rd lane the driver of the car which I forced to slow down pressed his horn loudly and motioned angrily for me to cross the quickly. As he drove past me, he rolled down his window and shouted an insult at me, I shouted back at him “olodo, don’t you know are supposed to stop at Zebra crossing. Idiot”.  A man who had crossed the road behind me also shouted insults at him. After all that agro, he got stuck in traffic and could only move few yards at a time after the zebra crossing.


Nigeria is the only country I have been to where crossing at a zebra crossing poses the same risks as crossing a six lane highway…….. Till tomorrow KKB out.

Btw: my entourage have reunited

Entourage Reunited

Entourage Reunited

entourage have reunited.

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