Never Expect Power Always……………………….

Salam everybody.  Apologies for this very late post, I have been very very busy over the past couple of days preparing for Eid Kabir celebrations. It is just like I remember it before I left 22 years ago, the atmosphere if filled with a celebratory mood, and I currently smell of ram.  My siblings and I bought our dad’s celebratory ram this year, may Allah continue to bless us with this gratitude for many more years to come.

Dad's Ram

Dad’s Ram

It’s been an exhausting couple of days, the drive from Lagos to Ibadan was long and tiring. I saw a young street hawker who gave me inspiration for my new book, I have never seen anybody work so hard for =N=100 (less than 50p). There was a lot of traffic and he was trying to sell a bottle of apple juice a Hausa man who was travelling on top of a trailer. He threw the bottle to the man who was not able to catch and it fell back to the group. The hawker had to run after the bottle while making sure that he did not get hit by the now fast moving traffic. He picked up the bottle and sprinted 200 meters towards the trailer which was now further down the high way. He threw the bottle up to the man and he missed again, any normal human being would have given up but this guy picked up the bottle and sprinted again towards trailer, the third attempt was successful and the  Hausa man dropped a =N=100 bill onto the road. As a boy picked it, he was inches away from being hit by a commercial vehicle but he skilfully served his hips at the last minute.  He was sweating like a race horse and as he went past our car, I rolled down the window to say “Ku I se” (well done) “Thank you sir”, he responded.

I was suffering from a slight cold which had become worse by Sunday morning. I was meant to follow Muyi to church but I was too exhausted so I gave it a miss. There are many great feeling in the world, such as making love to a woman, carrying a new born baby or watching Arsenal beat Spurs in the North London derby.  One of the greatest feelings in the world comes curtsey of NEPA (Nigerian Electricity Power Authority or Never Expect Power Always). Yes you are reading correctly,  NEPA although this feeling would not be possible if they were efficient.  (I am currently writing this post in pitch darkness) Anyway I had difficulty sleeping on Saturday night; in addition to my cold, I was very hot because it was humid night. By 3am, it felt like I was the gates of hell, that’s how hot and uncomfortable I felt. Suddenly I felt a cool breeze come over me, NEPA and returned the power and the standing fan I had left on began spinning.  This cool breeze is not something I can describe; you have to experience it to understand.  My whole body just feels coooooooooool. If I was given a choice between this particular cool breeze and a million pounds, I would choose the cool breeze.  It comes a close second to watching Arsenal beat Spurs in the North London derby. !!!!!

I did not have the energy to write a post yesterday, I was just too tired. Sorry!!!!!  People been blowing my phone asking for their daily fix of KKB.   Muyi and I went to my dad’s house to pick up the ram he had bought my mum for Eid Kabir.  I told my dad about my experience in Lagos and he looked very proud of me. My mum returned from her trip to Lagos with my Aunty Sheri, I love when my aunt is around; there is never a dull moment.  The preparation for Eid Kabir celebrations is tangible; everywhere you turn people are purchasing rams or are making their way to their family home in other states to celebrate. Traffic in Ibadan today is ridiculous. Early this morning we went to Bodiga  market pick up a ram that my aunt’s friend had bought for her. This is one of the reasons I smell of ram. I can wait for Eid tomorrow.  I will spend half the day at my dad’s house and the rest at my mum’s house.

Mums Ram

Aunty Sheri's Ram

Aunty Sheri’s Ram

I have come to the realisation that this Eid won’t be like I remembered because my sibling Morufat, Moruf and Karimot  won’t be here with me………………………………  till tomorrow KKB out




One thought on “Never Expect Power Always……………………….

  1. Lovely rams bro well done. I really miss d atmosphere back home right now…wish I was there . Enjoy urself tomorrow n eid mubarak to u. Love u always. Big sis.

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