My mum’s side of the family, the Adewummi have a tradition of meeting at the family house  in Abeokuta the day after ileya. After the exertion of the day before, everyone was a little tired in the morning. I had heard stories about this meeting in Abeokuta so I was really looking forward to it, additionally I had never visited the family house in Ijaye. After much shouting of ejekalo (common lets go), and I don’t want to be late o, we all piled into the people carrier. I asked my mum what time the meeting was due to start, “10am” she replied. I looked at my watch, it was 10am and we were just driving out of our front gate….. typical!!!!

The drive to Abeokuta was uneventful, the first 20 mins was lively with chatter but everyone was pretty exhausted so there was minimal chatter for the rest of the journey. The road from Ibadan to Abeokuta was a lot smoother than the Ibadan to Lagos express which can be officially deemed a death trap.  We arrived at the family house in Ijaye at approximately 12pm, surprise surprise, the event had not yet started. After greeting and hugging family, we were told that some of the other VIP’s (my uncles) were still on their way from Lagos. My aunty took me to pay my respect by my grandfather’s grave at the back of the house, it was a special moment. After that, my entourage and I sat under the canopy for about 30 mins, after which we decided to go and sit in the car until the event began out of sheet boredom. When we reached the car, we saw a beer parlour across the road and we made our way there. We ordered drinks and just jammed. I enjoyed sitting just watching the world go by, I enjoy going to Abeokuta because the houses allowed it to retain its sense of history. I met an absolute angel, (cant upload pic yet) in the form of a little girl, the innocence in her eyes warmed my heart. I called my Uncle Alhaji Moshood who was coincidentally in Abeokuta and he joined us within 20 mins. We stayed at the joint jamming till about 3pm before making our way down back to the house. Surprise, surprise, the event still had not started the Imam and some other VIP’s had still not arrived. I was introduced to uncles I had never met, distant cousins, in depth explanations of how everyone there was somehow related.

The VIP’s arrived around 3:30pm and the event began, the event was a special prayer to comererate the life of my grandfather Alhaji Bolaji Adewummi (RIP). It went well, although it didn’t go according to plan. We took pictures, ate and met a few more family members, around 6pm, the party began. Around 8pm, we moved to another family holding Eid celebrations for the neighbourhood, we ate and drank some more. My entourage dropped my mum, aunt and myself at the hotel we would be spending the night around 11pm, after dropping us they promptly went back to the party to continue the partying.

This was when I realised that I was having problems with my internet dongle, I assumed that it was because of the location and would be able to begin posting upon my return to Ibadan…………….how wrong I was…….

Till later……………..KKB out.


(Currently having problems uploading pics, will do it later

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