Oba drove me to Lagos today, I had no exact plans but I was hoping  to discuss my report with Zmirage COO but the staff are so busy I was not able to talk to anyone for more than five minutes. So I decided to jam with my uncle TJ and his family in the office, as usual it was an enlightening experience.

I spent the night at my dad’s house and I can’t say I had a great night’s sleep. I am waiting on some news which I am hoping goes my way…. that’s a discussion for another day. Oba arrived to pick me up around 9:30, he was feeling a little unwell so he wasn’t his usual chatty self during the journey, I had a lot on my mind so I didn’t talk much either,  additionally the third member of my entourage Muyiwa had returned to work after his long annual leave, so there was that void. The journey to Lagos was not okay in terms of traffic, but I felt so sorry for Oba when I saw the level of traffic jam he would face on the way back to Ibadan. We entered Lagos around 11:30am and on the way to the hotel, we decided to stop at a buka we had visited before for a spot of lunch, alas it had moved to another location. Oba decided it would be best to drop me off at the hotel and begin his long journey back to Ibadan asap. We dropped my back and I immediately jumped back into the car so that I could be dropped somewhere I could catch a bus to Zmirage offices. At my required destination, I jumped out of the car while it was still moving because there was a risk of being fined heavily if caught by the traffic police. I took an okada (motorcycle) to the office and the surprised look on my Aunty’s  (Iya Ife’s)  when she saw me was worth the petrol money alone. my cousin Fola was also there, the last time I saw her in Nigeria was as 10 year old in her school uniform, now she was a confident young lady studying law in Abuja. After exchanging pleasantries with family and co-workers, I had a brief discussion with the COO and I chilled with my extended family.  As I said, spending time with my uncle is never dull, and he gave me provided me with some insight into the challenges Small to Medium sized enterprises faced in Nigeria.

Zmirage are currently building the stage and theatre set for play/musical called SARO and the family said they were making their way to the location so I decided to join them. I had only planned to stay in Lagos for the night but I extended to 2 nights at the last minute………this will become relevant later. We all piled into my Uncle KIA and made out way to the Continental Hotel in Victioria Island (VI)- this is where my day became interesting. On the way to the hotel, Uncle detoured to another hotel to have a brief meeting with some technical people. While waiting, I became thirsty so decided to purchase a bottle of water. Being the chivalrous   gentleman that I am, I asked the ladies I was with if they would like a drink. My aunt and cousin declined but my colleague Haneefat accepted my offer. I walked into the hotel bar and asked for two bottles of water, the barman went to the back and came out holding a bottle of water. Before he could tell me the price, I said “I wanted two please”. “You wanted two, ok sorry”. With that he got me another bottle as I had requested. I opened my wallet as I asked how much I owed “=N=600” came the reply. My knees damn near bucked under me, I became so disorientated that I was not able to tell the difference between the =N=200 and =N=500 notes in my wallet. I knew I would have to pay a premium in VI but this was daylight robbery.  I sipped that water slowly to make sure I enjoyed the every single drop, but I know I am gonna lose sleep over this incident.

When we reached the hotel, I saw the hall where SARO was going to be shown, I made the spontaneous decision to stay to watch how the stage was set instead of going back to the hotel on the main land. It was an interesting night, the technical crew were due to begin setting the up the stage at 12am, so the boss told some of us to relax at the hotel that had been booked, you don’t know how pissed I was when I found out it was the same hotel which burned me earlier to the tune of =N=600. The hotel must have been a bad omen for me because I slept on and broke my glasses. We made our way back to venue at around 12am; to say I was less than useless would be an understatement. Everyone there had a job to do, electricians, carpenters, sound engineers; I just stood watching them create this amazing set. I slept for about an hour in my uncle’s car and I continued my job as a spectator. I am writing this post and one hours sleep.  I left the venue at approximately 3:30 pm today but I am too tire to write about my journey home, but I promise that if you are patient you won’t be disappointed with tomorrow’s post….

Till tomorrow KKB out………………………

2 thoughts on “=N=600……………ouch

  1. Sorryabout your glasses and nice write-up here. Dat hotel water is even cheap bro. Go somewhere else and u’ll undstd. Went for a 1000nyt laff sometym ago at Eko Hotel and felt tasty, den I grinned to pay also. D price is too wide apart. Wished I’d gone home! Waiting to read more here…stay blessed.

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