Another Live Aid Single…….Really????????

*This post is dedicated to Dr Stella Adadevoh and the thousands of African health workers who have died and those who risk their lives on a daily basis to treat victims of Ebola. You are unsung heroes of this crisis, your sacrifices has saved millions and will never be forgotten. 

Most who have been following my blog can probably tell that I am an amiable chap. I try to be impartial and objective in my view points, but this is some bull sh*t…yes I said it and I will say it again…THIS IS SOME BULL SH*T!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it about that time again, another “Crisis in Africa”, and here comes Sir Bob Geldof and his Celebrity Avengers assemble to save Africans yet AGAIN. The cynic in me is forced to ask “How come this guy only seems to turn up when there is some sh*t going on in Africa”.  There have been countless disasters across the worlds since the last live aid, haven’t there? (There is a school of thought which argues that shit has been happening in and to Africa since the Europeans landed hundreds of years ago). I am not one to question their intentions, only God knows what’s in a man’s heart. But for me personally I find Live Aid 30 patronising and I question its effectiveness in the long term. Do they really have to make a record? Why don’t these artists just come together, each donate just 1% of their astronomical total wealth anonymously and be on your way.

Let us play devil’s advocate, let’s just say I am in total in support of recording this new single to help raise money to fight Ebola in Africa, I find it a little disconcerting that there was just one African singer in this “stellar” cast of musicians. (Please correct me if I am wrong)

Now, this not to say that I am against charity fund raising and providing Aid where and when it is necessary. I have good things about the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  The British public have been generous on numerous occasions, they have dug deep when they were called upon and I am sure that their donations have saved millions of lives.  All our hearts and prayers goes out to victims of the Ebola epidemic, but what I wonder what the Live Aid 30 single can do that charities such as Medecin San Frontieres and Red Cross, World Health Organisation, and World Leaders cannot. (The later duo messed up royally).  In this social media age, the Ebola crisis has dropped down the list in term of news. I suggest that more people care more about Kim Kardashians revealing her booty than Ebola. I am not the first to question the impact of Live Aid. I am sure that that it has had an impact in saving many lives since its inception. Since the first live aid event in 1985 for starving Africa, the world has created more billionaires and but millions are still are still hungry.

I propose that Live Aid 30 is not the answer. Africa should stop being seen as a victim that needs rescuing. With the right resources, effective leadership, dedication, sacrifice and little a luck, Africans can do for themselves.  Case in point; Nigeria.  I propose that we look beyond Live Aid and Aid in general. There are deeper issues which keeps so many countries in perpetual poverty.  If WE (humanity) stand together and confront these root causes, there will no longer be a need for Live Aid in the future- ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

I am forced to ask the question that nobody else seems to be asking, what is going to happen after Ebola has been eradicated? The root causes which enabled this disease to take hold and kill thousands will still be in place: abject poverty, lack of education, poor governance, poor infrastructure, poor health care, astronomical national debts etc etc. What’s to stop another killer disease from devastating another poor nation in 2 or 20 years? Ebola has killed many of the bread winners from countless families and orphaned thousands more in the affected countries. What will happen in the aftermath of Live AID 30 reaching the Christmas #1 spot in the UK singles chart? What is going to happen if (or when) another disease strikes again and poverty is the cause of thousands more deaths?

With all that being said, I am sure the money raised from this single will go towards fighting this killer disease and help thousands, for that we must give kudos and be grateful. For those who purchase the single, I urge you not to forget the  victims of this particular tragedy but also remember other victims who have diseases that don’t have the world’s attention. I just want us to look beyond……….

“In each individual is the ability to change the world for the better, all that is required now is the Collective WILL.

Till next week; KKB OUT.

*KKB acknowledges and salutes ALL the aid workers who are saving lives and helping to fight this disease.

Dr Stella

2 thoughts on “Another Live Aid Single…….Really????????

  1. Have you got the single?.
    My appreciation go to all the “aid workers both home and abroad.

    I commend the Band Aid gang whether there is an African singer or not.

    I would love to see African nations getting together to solve our problems.

    Am yet to see or hear about any discussions, programmes, concerts etc from Africans.
    We are much represented in football, music, fashion , media institutions.

    Where is our voice(s)?.

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