Fight at the pumps

Was up everybody, hope all is good. I am writing this post from Lagos Nigeria. It’s been a stressful couple of days. I was meant to arrive in Lagos yesterday but my Uncle passed away on Monday morning so I escorted my mother to the funeral in Abeokuta.  The most intriguing thing happened on Monday night. My friend Muyiwa and I were on our way to the University of Ibadan, with the car running low on petrol so we pulled into a petrol station. Although there were six pumps, only one was working so there was a long ques. There were two rows of cars waiting patiently either side of the pumps; we were the fourth car in our line. At the pump itself, there were about 10 people with jerry cans, and three of four Okadas (motorbike taxis).

The second car in queue we were in had totally run out of petrol, so the driver had to push the car every time the queue moved. We had been waiting for about 10 mins when the first car in our line drove off after being served. All of the sudden I saw a taxi zip past us and planted himself at the pumps- at the beginning of the queue. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought that maybe he wanted to ask directions or he saw someone he knew at the pumps. Muyiwa and I and all the occupants of the cars preceding us got out of our cars simultaneously.  While walking to the pump, I still wanted to give the man the benefit of the doubt; surely he wasn’t trying to jump the queue so blatantly.  I was shocked upon reaching the pump the man had his fuel tank open ready to be served. That was when the arguments began. He was actually arguing that because the car was not in the right position next to the pump, he was right to take the unused space. I listened to the argument, mind this wasn’t no argument like the ones during prime minter’s questions in the UK parliament, this was hard core shouting, eyes bulging, pushing and shoving. Anybody new to the scene would actually believe that the man was in the right, so cogent was his argument. Sorry to say that the conkness of the Ibadan Yoruba insults being traded, yours truly was not able to join it. But I did help push the  taxi out of its ill-gotten position. As he drove off, he was not sheepish having lost the war, he insulted all our mothers and disappeared into the distance.  If I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes and not heard it with my ears, I wouldn’t have believed it. He actually believed that he was the injured party.

I will be travelling  to Porthacourt tomorrow to begin reporting on the canirive festival. I am exhausted, gonna go take a nap… gonna be a busy week ahead.

Till tomorrow, KKB OUT



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