The Coffee Shop without Coffee and a Hotel without food…… Wa

Coffee Shop Design

Coffee Shop Design


Was up all, KKB writing from Port Harcourt, been an interesting 1 hours or so. I left my hotel around 1pm yesterday and my way to the local airport via taxi. Upon stepping out of the taxi when reaching the departures, I was surrounded by four or five people, each offering a unique service.

“I got carry your load”

“No thank you”

You wan use trolley

“No thanks”

“You wan buy ticket”

“I go help you check in quick quick, no wait in the queue”

“NO” was my firmest response

But they just kept on coming.

Before making my way to the check in desk, I had to go through the health check for Ebola, my temperature was taken and I proceeded to my airline check in desk. I stood at the desk which had the sign Port Harcourt above it. I waited patiently for about 10 mins when an airline employee instructed me to make my way to another desk to my left- I duly obliged. A fat security guard approached me a couple of minutes later and began to reproach me for jumping the queue. I calmly explained my reasoning for being where I was standing. Before I could finish he said

“Why didn’t you ask where you should be standing before you stood there”

Something in me just flipped

“My friend what kind of jargons are you talking, that sign over there says Port Harcourt, does it not”

Game over, he humbly walked away.

I went through security through to the departure lounge. Feeling a little sluggish, I made my way to a coffee shop upstairs to get some coffee obviously. Ladies and gentlemen you guessed it; there was no coffee to be served. The decorations and designs in this coffee shopped offered everything from Americano, to Espresso to a Macchiato but alas they had all other drinks in the world apart for what they were advertising. (Actual Pic from coffee shop) You should have seen the look the attendant gave me when I asked for coffee; one would think I was asking for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese at KFC.

If you thought that was bad, I woke up this  morning at the hotel, went to restaurant at 9:30 am only to be informed that breakfast was not ready…..

I love my country.

Stay tuned for my regular posts on the Canirive- you wont want to miss it……trust me!!!!!!!!

Till next time…..KKB OUT

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