One love, one People……Blast Off-Caniriv 2014

Watin Happen, How you dey my people


It’s been a busy couple of days, been working in the back ground with the crew of ZMirage to build the biggest stage in Africa. We were all working towards a mind blowing opening ceremony for the Caniriv 2014 and it was a mind blowing success.

The River’s State Government made the concert free for all at the Liberty Stadium and by 9pm there were approximately 40 to 50 thousand people in the stadium, most of the field some in the stands. Then the fireworks began, the people went wild- the curtains shielding the stage were dropped and it was pandemonium. People wanted to party and they were not disappointed, the stage design, lighting ,gain  TV screens, and sound made it the biggest open air party in Africa probably the world that night.  The first artist was a gospel artist; it was a fitting opening to show. Over the course of the even, an array of artist from rivers state performed, some were better than others but it was still a good show. I knew my age when the DJ said “let’s take it back to the old school” and he began playing Mo Money Mo Problems by the Notorious Big, I was the only one dancing in the stadium.

The highlight of the night was when Davido came on stage, the crowd went crazy. He gave a fantastic performance, energetic and professional. It was a great opening to what will surely be a great festival.


Till tomorrow KKB Out

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