I beg comot jo…

What’s really good all..

After the immensity of the content of last week’s post, I thought I should go with something lighter this week.

I was at making my way home last night and I went to catch train from Kenington tube underground station. This station is equipped with lifts instead of elevators and there are three barriers, one for entry and the two for exiting. When I got to the barriers, one of the lifts had arrived and their was a woman standing in front of the one entry barrier. She touched her oyster card to the reader, it beeped and read, “seek assistance”, she touched it a second time “it beeped and read “seek assistance”. I am by a nature a patient person, but I was eager to get home to watch the highlights of Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Manchester City. My patience was wearing thin after the third failed attempt and I expected her to take heed of the message and seek assistance, No? I was conscious that the lift doors would close any second. She touched the card for a fourth time, and it was unsuccessful. This woman had the audacity to go for a 5th attempt….those who know me best probably wont be surprised by what happened next.

I said, “excuse me”; as soon as she turned around I touched my own card and went through the barrier. I entered the lift and a few seconds later, she followed me in, suffice to say she was not best pleased. If looks could kill, I would be in a mortuary right now instead of writing this post.

The incident has played on my mind since it happened, i don’t think I did anything wrong but what do you think?

Was I right or was I incredibly rude?


Till next time- KKB Out

One thought on “I beg comot jo…

  1. You did absolutely nothing wrong however, you could have done better by switching to another barrier to allow her sleep on that one perhaps. She must have jumped the barrier through your oyster and you didn’t deserve the look she gave you.

    Different people are on this earth, all we need is the courage and patience to deal with them.

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