Diaspora or Citizen?

Kilonshele ladies and gentlemen

Things will be a little different for this week’s post, I would like to ask you a question in order to open up a discussion.  I recently described myself to someone as “A product of the diaspora with my roots in Nigeria”. After a couple of minutes of reflection I thought to myself “What the f*ck are you talking about”? I still don’t know, so I would like to ask:

Can one consider oneself a Member of the Diaspora Community and also a Full Citizen of the resident country? Is this a paradox or compatible?

Feel free share your thoughts in the comments box below and share this post/question with others.

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6 thoughts on “Diaspora or Citizen?

  1. You can belong to Diaspora Community & Citizenship.
    Diaspora offers the taste of Nija with all the packaging. Owa nbe; pepper soup joints; faith grouos gathering; events & celebrations.
    Citizenship offers jobs, security, education, integration, professionalism, multiculturalism ; world trade & House of parliament.
    So you can enjoy the best of both worlds. A tale of two cities .

  2. Very interesting & thought provoking. If you go by the literal definition of both words then I don’t see why they both can’t apply to you. ‘Diaspora’ is to do with the spread of people away from their homeland & ‘citizen’ alludes to your nationality, be it native or through nationalisation. I would ask do you still feel part of your homeland or country of origin? This is something I found affects people who are products of diaspora.

  3. As is mentioned above, you belong to the Diaspora community and at the same time no one can take your cultural belonging away from you. It’s a tale of two cities.

  4. Its like having your cake and trying to eat it too… Abeg you cant be both! but as we are Naijas now, anything goes innit… lets call a spade a spade, if you aint born In Naija and were born in Jand then ol’boy you are a Brittico and if you were born in Ajegunle and manged to sharp guy your way through customs then for sure you are part of the Diaspora Community..

  5. You can be part of the diaspora of the country you are originally from and a citizen of the UK. They don’t clash because you are part of a particular community within the british society. However, you have to understand what underlies behind “citizen” for you. Is it for you only a legal matter meaning you are a british national or deeper than that i.e you share the values, the way of life and the culture of the UK ?
    To me, being part of a diaspora is something you choose according to your feeling of belonging to your home country. You have the choice to be a reppresentative of your home country in the “host country” or to disappear in the melting pot. Nevertheless, in my case, the second option, is not conceivable as I feel like my simple reflection in a miror will always remind me that I’m not completely from there (France)

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