Q4IS 5- KKB’s 1st live blog- The Liminal Generation

Q4IS Part 5- The tale of a father, a son and two passports 

I was given the privilege of performing my first live blog at a spoken word event last week called “The Liminal Generation”. I must admit, I didn’t know what “liminal meant, I actually thought that it was a made up word until someone looked it up and explained it to me. The event is the first in a series from the Open Conversations collective. http://openconversations.co/

This spoken word event brought together a range of individuals to share their views on the liminal generation, through poetry, readings, and music. The event provided a platform for an “open an conversation” about a topic that is seldom talked about in this multigenerational quest for identity. I was immensely impressed with the all the performers, majority of whom were 2nd generation migrants, as they shared through their various mediums about their quest to define themselves within the land of their birth and their ancestral lands. It raised a number of important questions such: Where is home? I could relate as performers discussed how they felt when they returned home and felt rejected. It also highlighted the role that parents played in enabling their kids to assimilate into different cultural societies. In their desire to maintain their own cultural identities, they inadvertently create a sense of fear amongst their children. The video of the event will be released shortly; I will keep you informed.

Luckily for you, you can watch the video of my performance right here. It was my first live blog post in front of an audience and I went pretty well. It’s titled Quest for Identity Series Part 5: The tale of a father, a son and two passports.

Lastly I want to give say a big thank you to the organizers of the Liminal Generation event; Arazi Kadir; Avesta Kadir, Freya Espie; Dayo Moshood; and Sara Amin. The Open Conversation series is the start of something huge; kudos.


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KKB with Dayo, Sara, Arazoo, and Avesta


KKB on Stage

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